Waste Not Craft Lots: 9 Creative Uses of Empty Candles jar

Waste Not Craft Lots: 9 Creative Uses of Empty Candles jar

Creative Uses for Empty Candle Jars



  1. Introduction
  2. Simple Ideas for Using Empty Candle Jars Every Day
  3. Upcycling Old Candle Jars
  4. The Beauty of Upcycling
  5. Crafty Inspirations
  6. Green Ventures with Jars
  7. Gifts and Celebrations
  8. Conclusion

 Candles jar



Candles sure have a way of making our rooms feel cozier, don't they? Beyond their light and lovely scents, they often come in these pretty glass jars. Instead of just letting them sit around gathering dust or thinking of throwing them away, let's think of some cool ways to use them again! Wondering how to clean wax out of jars? Our easy guide has you covered. Once those jars are clean, you'll be ready to unleash your creativity and repurpose them into stunning crafts

Easy Guide to Cleaning Wax Out of Jars:

  1. Cold Trick:
  • Place jar in your freezer until cold.
  • Once out, break and remove the stiff wax.
  1. Using Hot Tap Water:
  • Put hot water from the tap into the jar.
  • As the wax becomes loose, lift it out.
  1. Simple Oven Method:
  • Turn your oven to low.
  • Lay the jar on its side on a foiled tray.
  • The wax will slide out as it warms.
  1. Stovetop Solution:
  • Rest the jar in a pan with water.
  • Warm the pan. The wax in the jar turns liquid.
  • Carefully empty the liquid wax.
  1. Quick Microwave Step:
  • For jars with little wax.
  • Warm up the jar shortly.
  • Remove the liquefied wax.
  1. Using a Hairdryer
  • Blow hot air on the wax.
  • Clean the melted wax with a cloth.
  1. Wash Up:
  • Scrub the jar with soapy water.
  • For stubborn spots, a dab of oil or alcohol helps.

 Now You left with a clean Candle jar Lets Upcycle these Empty Candle jar 🎉💕

Simple Ideas for Using Empty Candle Jars Every Day: 


So, you've used up a candle, and now you're left with a clear jar. What to do with it? Don't throw it away! Here are easy and fun ways to use them in your daily life:


  1. Pen Holder:Put your pens, pencils, or markers in the jar. Now your desk looks neat!
  2. Coin Keeper:Drop your spare change in there. It's like a mini savings bank!
  3. Food Storage:Keep small foods like rice, beans, or candies in the jar. It keeps them fresh.
  4. Button Jar:Keep all those extra buttons in one place. So, when you lose a button, you know where to find one.
  5. Small Plant Home:Put some small plants or herbs in the jar. Just remember to add some stones at the bottom.
  6. Candle Holder: Put a small candle inside the jar. It'll look pretty and glow nicely.
  7. Toothbrush Holder: Your toothbrush and toothpaste can stay upright in the jar, making your bathroom look tidy.
  8. Craft Jar:  another idea for upcycling old candle jar is If you have small things like beads or colored strings, keep them in separate jars.
  9. Snack Jar:Fill the jar with quick snacks like nuts. It's a handy way to carry them around.
  10. Soap Holder: With a bit of help, you can turn the jar into a soap dispenser.


These jars are more useful than they seem. With a bit of imagination, you can find many simple ways to use them every day. So, the next time your candle's all used up, think of how you can use the jar!


Upcycling Old Candle Jars:

So, you've finished burning a delightful candle, and all that remains is an empty jar. Instead of tossing it into the trash, consider the concept of "upcycling," where we take something we might discard and turn it into something useful or decorative. Those empty candle jars can be turned into lovely flower vases, brightening up any corner of your room. Or perhaps you might fill them with your favorite candies, turning the jar into a sweet treasure chest for those moments when you need a sugar boost. If you're someone with a collection of trinkets like jewelry, these jars become a safe space for your rings, necklaces, or even earrings. 

For a personal touch, roll up a cherished photo and place it inside the jar, transforming it into a unique photo display. Those who love crafts can find it handy to store buttons, threads, or any small crafting items, ensuring they're not scattered all over the place. The festive season can see these jars brimming with homemade gifts like body scrubs or bath salts, turning them into personalized presents for loved ones. They can even act as a mini savings bank, with you dropping in spare coins and watching your savings grow. Families with children can use the jar to store small toys, ensuring they don’t get lost. And if you're someone with a green thumb, kickstart a plant's growth within the confines of the jar before transferring it to your garden.


Ultimately, the humble candle jar offers endless possibilities for upcycling. With a dash of creativity, what was once just a container for wax can find new purpose in our lives?



The Beauty of Upcycling:

Imagine you have an old shirt that you don't wear anymore. Instead of throwing it away, you decide to turn it into a cute bag or a scarf. That's what upcycling is all about: taking old things and giving them a new life.

 Empty Candles jar

Upcycling is like magic. It helps us see that old stuff doesn't have to be waste. We can turn used things into beautiful or useful items again. It's like giving them a second chance. When we upcycle, we also help our Earth. Making new things can sometimes hurt our environment. But by using what we already have, we protect nature.


The best part is that upcycling makes us think creatively. It's fun to find new ways to use old things. Maybe an old bottle can become a pretty flower vase. Or an empty can could be a new pencil holder. The possibilities are endless!


So, upcycling isn't just good for our planet; it's also good for our hearts and minds. It teaches us to see beauty in everything and reminds us that everything can have a new purpose.


Crafty Inspirations:

Crafting is like playing with your imagination. It's about taking simple things and turning them into something special with your own hands. And the fun part is, you don't need expensive things to start crafting; you can use what you already have!


For example, imagine you have some empty boxes or old newspapers at home. Instead of throwing them away, you can make something beautiful. Maybe turn the boxes into cute storage bins or use the newspapers to make paper Mache bowls.


Got some old clothes? How about cutting them up and sewing them into a colorful quilt or pillow covers? Or if you have empty glass jars, they can be decorated with paints and glitters to hold your pencils or even some flowers.


Crafting is all about letting your creativity run free. There's no right or wrong. Just enjoy the process and be proud of what you make. So, the next time you see something old or unused at home, think of what crafty magic you can do with it!


 Creative candles ideas

Green Ventures with Jars:

Have you ever heard the word "green" when talking about the environment? Being green means taking care of our planet, and guess what? You can do that with your old jars!


Imagine having a jar that used to hold jam or pickles. Instead of throwing it away, you can make it a cozy home for a little plant. Plants love jars because they give them a safe place to grow. You can put a cute succulent inside and watch it thrive.


Another green idea is making your own air freshener. Remember those jars? You can fill them with things like dried flowers, citrus peels, or even some spices. The jar holds the good smell, and you get a natural air freshener without any chemicals!


Have you heard of a terrarium? It's like a tiny garden inside a jar. You can put small plants, rocks, and even a tiny decoration or two. It's like creating a little world in your jar.


So, you see, your old jars can be like mini green projects. They help plants grow, keep the air smelling fresh, and create a small piece of nature right in your home. How cool is that?

Candles jar use for plantation

Candles jar for Gifts and Celebrations:

Everyone loves gifts, right? And celebrations like birthdays or holidays are the perfect times for giving presents. But did you know that you can make special gifts using things you have at home? Especially with those empty jars!


Think about it. You could fill a jar with tasty treats like homemade cookies or candies. Put a colorful ribbon on it, and you've got a sweet gift for a friend!


Or maybe you want to give someone a special memory. Write down a happy memory or a kind note on small pieces of paper. Fill the jar with these notes. It's like a jar full of smiles!


Have you ever made a DIY candle? It's easy and fun! You can melt some wax, add a scent you like, and pour it into a jar. Let it cool down, and you've made a beautiful candle. It’s a perfect gift that shines and smells nice!


You see, jars can be the best little boxes for gifts. They show you care because you took the time to make something by hand. So, the next time there's a celebration, think about using your old jars to create heartwarming gifts. Everyone will love it!

Empty candles jar gift ideas


In the end, it's amazing to see how simple things like old candles jars can be turned into something wonderful. Whether it's for storing things, making crafts, or giving gifts, these jars show us that with a bit of creativity, we can make with candle crafts the most out of what we have. So, before throwing away something, let's stop and think about the different ways we can reuse it. By doing this, not only are we being kind to our planet, but we're also adding a special touch to our homes and gifts. Remember, it's the small changes and choices we make that can bring big smiles!

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